Draconia is the biggest Asarii kingdom. there’s also Shinite, Taria, and Splicita which are also major kingdoms, but are somewhat smaller than Draconia. The population of Draconia is about 1 million, and much smaller in the other kingdoms.


Physical Appearance

an average Asarii girl in traditional blue robes

Asarii are known to be one of the fairest of all races. they often have very pale skin, large blue, purple, yellow, or green eyes, and hair usually on the darker side. Their hair is unusual, because it can be influenced by their surroundings at birth. If they are born in a warm room, their hair may be a warm shade of red, as opposed to a cold place, and their hair may be blue. The same goes for the amount of light in the place. Asarii are also known for being relatively short, but very strong for their size. A typical Asarii ranges from 4’5″ to 5’4″ of course there are exceptions, but very few. the females often have pleasing forms, and so do the men.


Strengths and Weaknesses


Asarii are often underestimated. The worst possible thing you could do to an Asarii is underestimate them. They are somewhat proud, and though they are often mistaken for a gentle, ignorant race, they’re not, and they hate people thinking it. They are usually very fast, intelligent, and strong in more ways than one. Though their numbers are few, they’re a good race to have on your side, and a nightmare as an enemy. Being one of the fastest races known, they have one very big weakness: metal. Cold, shiny, hard metal. They’re terrified of it, and very often refuse to go near any sort of it, especially if it’s been shaped by anything unnatural. The Asarii are a nature loving race, so they hate seeing anything intruding their forests, and metal is their gratest fear. They are also extremely talented in magic, and are capable of performing complex and advanced spells.


Society and Religion


The Asarii have a complex and advanced society. Their social classes are basic, and consist of the commoners and the nobles. Since the Asarii are extremely talented in magic, there is no need for jobs, they can grow food and make clothing with a single word, so instead of working, they pursue their own interests and contribute to their society however they want to. This eliminates the entire need for social classes and money. The nobles don’t actually lead better or more luxurious lives than that of the commoners. From the moment they’re born, the nobles learn everything they will need to know to one day rule. They learn everything from history to the performing arts, and aren’t allowed to do as they wish. Though they live in a slightly more luxurious setting, they’re often the ones wishing to be commoners, though it’s a great honor to be a noble. As for the Asarii religion, they don’t really have one. They believe in facts and don’t believe in a god watching over them, though there are always exceptions, though the majority don’t. When babies are born in Asarii they are highly prized because of their rarity. If the child is born however with a handicap or is unable to use magic, they are put out of their misery and killed. The Asarii also look down upon halfbreeds, especially if they’re part Asarii.


Alliances and Enemies


Though the Asarii tend to remain somewhat neutral, they are allies with most races such as the forest elfs, dwarfs, humans, and halflings. They are pretty neutral with the rest, except for the dark elves, and more often than not: the vampires. This is because The Asarii have had a long quarrel with the vampires over the kingdom of Shinite because it used to be a vampire kingdom (supposedly). Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but the kingdom has mysterious magical properties, and both races want to harness them.




Most Asarii have unique, long, and vowel heavy names. It is very rare for two Asarii to have the same name because they are given a name all their own to be known as theirs and only theirs. There is no naming after anyone, because that is considered theft and looked down upon. If they ever encounter someone with the same name as them, the two are separated so no confusion arises. Asarii children are encouraged to be independent and having another being called the same thing them supposedly would confuse them.



Family is very important to the Asarii. The mothers and fathers share in the responsibility of taking care of babies. It is insanely rare for Asarii to have more than one baby at a time, (twins, triplet, etc.) so Siblings are usually one or two years apart. Asarii women only have a two to three year span in their human equivalent of late thirties to forties when they can have babies. fortunately they are extremely fertile during this time, and it only takes about half a year from the point of of impregnation to when the baby is born. Because of this, Asarii families usually consist of two to four children. When these children complete training with their parents, usually around the age of sixteen, they go to school where they will live for about eight Asarii years, and take required classes along with whatever classes interest them. After they complete their schooling, they are about twenty four or five, and spend their time building a home, going to events or hosting their own, contributing to society, and finding a mate.


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